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Keble and the Great War

Roll of Honour

This Roll of Honour is in commemoration of those Keble men killed whilst serving in the Military and Naval Forces between 1914 and 1918.

The Roll includes the names of Keble members and also of those who, after having been accepted for admission into Keble, lost their lives in the War before being actually matriculated. The final three names on the Roll are the names of staff who gave up their positions at Keble to serve in the Military Forces and lost their lives during the War.

All of the men detailed below are commemorated on the memorial in the war memorial chapel at the west door of Keble College Chapel. The war memorial chapel was dedicated by Edward Talbot, former Warden and then Bishop of Winchester, on 27 June 1922.

Please click on any of the names listed below for further information about their time at Keble and their war service.

These pages were prepared by the previous College Archivist & Records Manager, Eleanor Ward, as part of the College’s commemoration of the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

Captain Juan Manuel Aldana (1913)

Captain Robert Nigel Oldfield Bartlett (1913)

Second Lieutenant Leonard Henry Batson (1911)

Second Lieutenant Christopher Berkeley

Private William John Beswetherick (1900)

Captain Arthur Basil George Biggerton-Evans (1913)

Second Lieutenant Henry Tattersall Bird

Captain Stuart Erskine Birrell (1904)

Second Lieutenant Eric Osborn Black (1911)

Lieutenant Ainslie Booth (1903)

Lieutenant John Bourn (1911)

Captain Harold Francis Box (1914)

Captain Cyril Richard Bramley (1910)

Lieutenant Robert Lloyd Bruce

Lieutenant Eric West Brutton, M. C. (1914)

Captain Ralph Nevill Lendon Buckmaster

Second Lieutenant Frederick Bonham Burr (1907)

Private Wilfrid Entwistle Bury (1900)

Lieutenant Charles Patrick Caesar (1913)

Lieutenant Roy Douglas Cameron (1911)

Captain Mansel Ernest Carey, M.C. (1914)

Captain Edward Worrell Carrington, M.C. (1907)

Captain William Benjamin Crane Cawood (1888)

Lieutenant William Dobree Chepmell

Second Lieutenant Albert Edward Coles (1915)

Second Lieutenant Norman Owen Collen

Private Roy Menteith Comyn (1908)

Captain Denys Cooke (1910)

Second Lieutenant John Henry Cotterill (1908)

Second Lieutenant Norman Vawdry Coutts (1904)

Second Lieutenant Reginald Hooper Crane (1908)

The Reverend Oswin Creighton, Chaplain to the Forces (1901)

Lieutenant Cedric Hugh Crowley (1910)

Captain John Cyril Crowley (1896)

Lieutenant William Edward Clere Augustus Darby (1913)

Captain Thomas William David (1910)

Able Seaman Edwin George Ernest Davies (1911)

Second Lieutenant Harold Blakeney Davies (1911)

Private Thomas David Davies

Captain Arthur James Dingle (1910)

Captain Philip Denys Doyne (1910)

Second Lieutenant Henry Murray Drummond (1913)

Second Lieutenant Denis Geoffray Eagar

Private Royston William Dunlop Elwell (1899)

Captain Frederick Herbert Emmet (1909)

Major Bede Liddell Fenton (1904)

Second Lieutenant Charles Cecil Field

Lieutenant Brian Normanby Randolph Fitzgibbon (1913)

Second Lieutenant Austin Lancelot Forrest (1912)

Captain Arthur Fox, M.C.

Second Lieutenant Wilfrid Armstrong Fox (1912)

The Reverend William Herbert Freestone, Chaplain to the Forces (1901)

Private Richard Bodley Furley (1902)

Second Lieutenant Wilfrid Garland (1911)

The Reverend Edward Reginald Gibbs, Chaplain to the Forces (1904)

Captain Ferdinand GonÇalves Glenday (1911)

Second Lieutenant Cyril Seaton Gray

Sapper Philip Forest Groves

Second Lieutenant Thomas William Gruby (1911)

Private Douglas Perman Hale (1910)

Second Lieutenant William Holden Hall (1908)

Private Charles Haydn Hanforth (1913)

Second Lieutenant Owen Tannett Harper (1916)

Private George Harrison Hayward (1913)

The Reverend Robert Morley HendersonChaplain to the Forces (1899)

Lieutenant Charles Clement Heywood (1898)

Lieutenant Cecil Pollock Hirst (1911)

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Denne Hirst (1884)

Second Lieutenant Herbert Edward Hobbs (1913)

Second Lieutenant George Davey Howells (1915)

Captain Arthur Hensley Hudson (1912)

Rifleman Edwin Tom Hughes (1902)

Second Lieutenant Lewis Reginald Hughes (1903)

Captain Arthur Maughan Humblecrofts (1902)

Second Lieutenant Ernest Stanley Jenkins (1910)

Lieutenant Sydney Douglas Selborne Jones (1905)

Temporary Flight Lieutenant William Basil Loxdale Jones (1908)

Lieutenant Eustace Gabriel Laurence Keatinge (1911)

Lieutenant Francis Frederic Keller (1907)

Lieutenant (temporary Captain) Robert Vaughan Kestell-Cornish, M.C.

The Reverend Robert Mansel Kirwan, Chaplain to the Forces (1880)

Captain Ralph Bertram Kite, M. C. (1913)

Captain Richard Brodnax Knight (1900)

Second Lieutenant Jack Victor Lauria (1908)

Private Bernard Henry Limpus (1894)

Second Lieutenant Percy Trotter Loft

Second Lieutenant Richard Arthur Maurice Lutener (1914)

Second Lieutenant Alwyn Ronald Macfarlane Grieve (1908)

Major Kenneth Matheson Macrae, M. C. (1910)

Captain Clifford Angus Mallam, M. C. (1909)

Captain David Henry George Manley [Jones-Manley]

Private George Jeffrey Margerison

The Reverend Arthur Henry Marsh, Chaplain to the U.S. Army (1905)

Second Lieutenant Claud Bruce Matheson (1910)

Second Lieutenant St. John Bell Matthews (1914)

Captain (acting Lieutenant-Colonel) John Wyndham Maxwell, D. S. O., M. C. (1899)

Private Alfred Wooldridge Medd (1905)

Lieutenant Harry James Graham Miller-Stirling (1905)

Lieutenant John Arnold Moll (1911)

Lieutenant Kenneth Edward Monro

Lieutenant Charles Geoffrey Noel Morris (1913)

Captain Edward Graham Mylne (1902)

Lieutenant (acting Captain) Donald Francis Neilson, D. S. O., M. C.(1911)

Lieutenant Eric Nightingale (1914)

Captain Gilbert Hume Norris (1906)

Second Lieutenant Arthur Denzil Onslow, M. C. (1906)

Captain James Wilfrid Haynes Park (1907)

Captain Alfred Henry Parsons (1900)

Second Lieutenant James Thomas Robinson Pastfield (1910)

Second Lieutenant Christopher Bingley Patterson (1905)

Captain Edward Geoffrey Payne (1910)

Lieutenant John Algernon Wynyard Peyton (1911)

Second Lieutenant Owen Sherwood Phillips (1910)

Second Lieutenant Lawrence Delafons Pickard (1914)

Second Lieutenant Edgar Pilling (1902)

Second Lieutenant Anthony Boydell Playford (1908)

Major  Vernon Harcourt de Butts Powell, M. C. (1905)

Captain Oswald Campbell Radford (1905)

Second Lieutenant Henry Lancelot Ridley (1906)

Lieutenant (acting Captain) Cecil Llewellyn Norton Roberts

The Reverend Thomas Erskine Ross, Chaplain to the Royal Navy (1900)

Second Lieutenant Walter Austin Rowley (1911)

The Reverend Benjamin Corrie Ruck-Keene, Chaplain to the Forces (1908)

Rifleman Percival Foster Sauer (1915)

Lieutenant Robert de Bedick Saunderson (1910)

Lieutenant William Allan Sewell (1913)

Lieutenant Arthur Gilbey Shaw

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Edward Frederic Shaw, M. C. (1910)

Lieutenant William Francis Waugh Shields (1912)

Lieutenant Gilbert John Leigh Slater (1907)

Second Lieutenant George Arthur Smith-Masters (1914)

Major Hugh Speke (1896)

Lieutenant (acting Captain) Eric Minor Spink (1913)

Second Lieutenant Frank Evered Stantial (1907)

Lieutenant Henry Francis Bingham Stevens (1911)

Second Lieutenant John Lancelot Walmsley Stock (1906)

Captain James Mulock Thompson Stock (1909)

Lieutenant Thomas Anderson Street (1912)

Private Alban Reginald Strickland (1910)

Second Lieutenant Kenneth Bruce Stuart

Second Lieutenant Reginald Arthur Stubbs (1912)

Lieutenant Wilfrid Harold Swift (1912)

Second Lieutenant Charles Geoffrey Rupert Swindells (1913)

Lieutenant (acting Captain) Charles Patrick Tanner (1911)

Captain John Champain Tanner

Lieutenant John Howard Tanner (1911)

Arthur Cecil Todd (1908) [rank unknown]

Rifleman Nicholas Herbert Todd (1897)

Major Oswald Erik Todd (1898)

Captain Leo Quintus Tollemache Tollemache de Orellana Plantagenet Tollemache (1899)

Lieutenant James Douglas Tombs (1910)

Second Lieutenant Philip Bevan Tree (1913)

Private Arthur Turner (1913)

Lieutenant Noël Price James Turner (1897)

Second Lieutenant Robert Bagster Wilson Vinter, M. C.

Lieutenant Harold Walter Wade (1907)

Captain Edward William Walker, D. S. O. (1911)

Second Lieutenant Edward Charles Walters (1909)

The Reverend Cyril Ambrose Walton, Chaplain to the Royal Navy (1895)

Captain Harold Vaughan Iremonger Watts (1901)

Captain George Ernest Weatherhead (1894)

Major Augustin George Richard Whitehouse, M. C. (1912)

Captain Carrol Herbert Marston Whiteside (1909)

Second Lieutenant Guy Russell Willans

Second Lieutenant Francis Christopher Dallas Williams

Lieutenant (acting Captain) Edwin Roy Wilmshurst

Second Lieutenant Arthur Alexander Wilson (1911)

Second Lieutenant Brodie Wyatt Wilson (1912)

Captain Geoffrey Woodhams (1910)

Second Lieutenant Arthur Hamilton Winthrop Woodruff (1913)

Captain George Woods (1913)


Corporal Percy William Grierson

Private John William Thomson

Private Frank Gilbert Winchester